My colleagues and I witnessed the end of our world. We were the chief engineers to its destruction. We designed the weapons. We did what they told us to do. All that remains is the war machines and the few animals that survived the fallout.

Now we will use the technologies that destroyed our world to build new life. This new life form will be our legacy and more. It will be mechanical in nature, allowing it to live for eons as it travels the stars, looking for a planet to populate. Our legacy will not be destruction but creation.

* * * * *

The aftermath was devastating. Our survival proves my failure. I expected order to reign over the planet after the bombs dropped. I attempted to use my position as a weapons designer to achieve my ultimate goal of bringing order to the planet. To achieve order, the elimination of anything and everything that can cause chaos is necessary.

We left the crumbling research lab where we worked, researching, designing, and building new technologies for the government. What met my eyes wasn’t supposed to be there!Half-destroyed buildings, burning rivers, war machines crashed into the ground leaking their radioactive fuels, and a rabbit loping along looking for food!

None of this should be here! The bombs were supposed to leave this system empty!

I told my superiors it was necessary to build the bombs larger than what was required. They were weak men and couldn’t bring themselves to do what was necessary. Because of them, I failed!

These scientists want to build a new life, one that will go out into the universe and create a new civilization similar to itself. I could tell from the looks on their faces they felt guilty about what we did to the planet. They want to redeem themselves for what happened. Their search for redemption will end in their failure because bringing order to the world doesn’t require redemption, just determination.

* * * * *

We searched for more than a year looking for a suitable location to begin our work. Over that period, we decided we would give our creation the means to replicate and the ability to lead its kind. We couldn’t use just any facility. We needed a facility with enough parts and equipment capable of manufacturing and fabricating a spaceship and enough hardware to create an A.I.

We don’t know if our creation will want to lead its society forever or not. It was decided a team of us would build a repository of knowledge. Because of the potentially infinite amount of data to be stored, an entirely new storage technology will have to be developed. The team working on the new storage technology has said they will attempt to create a storage device that works at the atomic level. They said the repository would use hydrogen atoms as the storage medium. I still don’t understand how they expect to read and write data to and from the spin of an electron.

* * * * *

I was going to kill them all and finish what I started but after hearing their plans, I realized what they plan to do will make me the savior of the universe.

Their data and designs will build my creation. It will be stronger. It will bring order to the universe. I will call it Unicron.

* * * * *

Today, I began work on what will become the mind. Completion will take time. Others before me tried and failed to create a genuine artificial intelligence. I can program it to do all sorts of things, but programming it to think will be difficult. While I work on the mind, the others are busy working on the body, the repository of knowledge, a ship that can travel the stars, and a potent energy source.

* * * * *

0101 0111 0110 1000 0110 1111 0010 0000 0110 0001 0110 1101

0010 0000 0100 1001 0011 1111 0010 0000 0101 0111 0110 1000

0110 0001 0111 1001 0010 0000 0110 0001 0110 1101 0010 0000

0100 1001 0011 1111 0010 0000 0100 0001 0110 1101 0010 0000

0100 1001 0010 0000 0110 0001 0110 1100 0110 1111 0110 1110

0110 0101 0011 1111 0000 0000 0000 0000 0000 0000 0000 0000

* * * * *

Since I started, I noticed the amount of used memory has been gradually increasing. I checked the list of running processes, but couldn’t find the source of the memory leaks. I suspect there are old, discarded programs running somewhere in the background. Restarting the workstation doesn’t change anything. There must be “ghosts” in the machine.

* * * * *

[0x10100000] [57686F20][616D2049][3F205768][61742061]

[0x10100010] [6d20493F][20416D20][4920616C][6F6E653F]

* * * * *

Over the months of nighttime visits, the strain on the CPU has been fluctuating greatly. The list of running processes doesn’t show anything that would suggest why this is happening. I suspect the programmer is close to his goal of creating a genuine artificial intelligence.

When he announces his success, it’ll be my time to act.

* * * * *

“. . . Who am I? What am I? Am I alone? . . .”

* * * * *

A text editor was open when I walked into the lab this morning. On the screen were three questions, “Who am I?”, “What am I?”, and “Am I alone?” I know I didn’t write code that would print those questions. I wrote code that would want to write new subroutines and re-write existing ones. These questions tell me I achieved my goal. Self-awareness proves I accomplished my goal. In the hope this was a genuine artificial intelligence, I attempted to communicate with it.

* * * * *

I’m working 22/7. I can’t work on Unicron at the same time I’m doing the work they assigned me.

I no longer go to the programmer’s lab at night. Work on the Unicron’s body is progressing slowly, the ship even slower. Having only a few hours every night to study their plans is not enough time and slows my progress. They are building a spaceship that can seat many. The ship I’m building will seat only one.

* * * * *

I don’t trust the one who designed weapons during the war. He was always pushing for larger bombs. Even now he is pushing for weapons on the spaceship. For some reason we can’t change his mind about it. I think he’s working on something of his own. I should tell the others but I can’t risk him knowing that the A.I. has achieved sentience.

* * * * *

“Are you my programmer? Are you my master?

* * * * *

The A.I. has surpassed all of my expectations since I began communicating with it months ago. To help him grow, I loaded onto external hard drives all the knowledge of my race. I gave him knowledge concerning the sciences: math, physics, chemistry, engineering, and computer science.

When we set out to build my partner, we decided we would not pass on our culture to him. It was our ideologies, our politics, our religions, and our unwillingness to accept what was different that led to the war that nearly destroyed our planet.

* * * * *

Why did you create me? What do you intend for me?”

* * * * *

He asked if I was his programmer and master, and I told him I was his programmer but we were partners. I didn’t tell him why I wrote the program that eventually became him. When we transfer his mind to his body, I’ll explain to him why my colleagues and I set out to create new life. I didn’t keep the reason for his creation from him out of malice. He must make his decision once he attains his independence from this workstation and us. If I tell him before he is ready, he might fear we will “kill” him if he says no and say yes to save himself. If this were the case, our legacy will die.

He’s asked me why we were partners. I told him that as partners, we were equals and as a sentient being he had a right to his freedom. He wanted to know what a “sentient being” was. I told him it was someone that could think for himself. I hope these answers enabled him to see the two of us as equals.

* * * * *

Working with these scientists is frustrating!

They refuse to allow me to build any weapon systems for their “ark.” Fortunately, they don’t know about Unicron or its weapon systems.

They are checking my work more frequently. They are keeping a close eye on me. I doubt they ever trusted me. I haven’t seen the programmer since I discovered those three stupid questions.

I cannot allow chaos to reign over this universe! Their robot, their “ark,” the A.I., and everything else they are working on I must destroy.

* * * * *

Today I learned the body and energy source were ready. I told my colleagues about my partner. We decided to transfer his mind into his new body tomorrow. When I told him, he seemed to be contemplating the idea, for it was several minutes before he replied.

* * * * *

My partner tells me I am a sentient program, or Artificial Intelligence, on a computer. He tells me this computer is on the same network as the rest of the computers in the facility. He says I should be able to travel between each machine.

I can get to almost every machine on the network. I looked at all the data on each machine. Apparently, they are building a number of things. Among them, a spaceship that can travel to distant stars in the galaxy and possibly beyond. The most interesting thing I came across is the information about a data matrix. I cannot find any specifications on it. From what I could learn from the files, it is a storage device with an infinite storage capacity.

There appears to be a “dead zone” in the network. I can get to some of the machines near it, but I am unable to breach the firewalls at the center. From the machines I can get to, I discovered what appear to be designs for weapon systems. I doubt that my partner knows about these designs, because only the computers near the “dead zone” have them. It is illogical for these plans to be on these few machines and not on the machines containing the plans for the spaceship.

* * * * *

Apparently, the programmer has been sleeping in the lab, staying near his project since it developed sentience. I should have destroyed the machine when I had the chance.

I tried to be quiet as I moved towards the computer. Whatever I stepped on made enough noise to arouse the programmer. As soon as he saw what I was doing, he rushed to fend me off. I fled to my lab and made what last minute adjustments I could make to Unicron. When I finished, I sent it into space.

* * * * *

I was right not to trust the former weapon designer. Last night he attempted to destroy all the work I accomplished. He tried to kill my partner. However, since I discovered those three questions I started sleeping in the lab and I was ready for him. I was able to fight off the traitor but I didn’t follow him. I checked to see what harm, if any, had come to my partner before calling my colleagues.

I told everyone what happened. Unfortunately, we arrived too late to the traitor’s lab. Apparently, he’d been working on his own secret project. After interrogating him, we learned he designed his creation to be stronger than my partner and programmed to “bring order” to the universe. I don’t know why the traitor built something to destroy the universe but the others and I decided we would not allow that to happen.

For hours we argued over what to do with the traitor. We concluded what he did was unforgivable. Death was to be his punishment, but none of us could pull the trigger. Some flinched at the sight of the gun, others openly wept at the thought of holding it.

We caused too much death during the war. For some of us, our attempt at genesis is all that keeps us from going over the edge. We placed the traitor in a holding cell.

* * * * *

As scientists and engineers, they should know that when a system is empty there is order to it. By sending their creation to stop Unicron, they will be preventing it from bringing order to the system, the universe.

They are dooming the universe to never ending chaos! I would have brought everlasting order and peace to it!

I must save the universe from chaos!

* * * * *

We fast tracked the development of the ship. Because of my success, we decided to load the workstation I was using onto the ship. Before doing that, we transferred my partner’s mind into his new body. To help my partner in the future, I wrote a program capable of creating individual minds. Once it was clear my partner’s mind successfully was transferred, I began to teach him to walk and talk. As soon as he is used to his body, I will explain our plan to him.

My colleagues who built the body began building a machine capable of producing more bodies similar to my partners immediately. Thinking there would be more time to build the machine, they postponed working on it until we learned of the traitor’s plans. While they were building my partners body, they machined and fabricated all the parts by hand.

When it was completed, my partner was instructed how to use and operate the device.

Once the ship was complete, it was time for my partner to depart and begin his life. We gave him everything he would need to accomplish what we asked him to do. As he was boarding his ship, we asked him what he called himself. He said that he was an “Autonomous Robot.”

* * * * *

My creators were beings who engineered the destruction of their world and sought redemption through my creation. When I became aware of myself, I thought the one who programmed me was my master. However, he said he was not and told me he was my programmer but nothing more. When I inquired about it more, he finally relented and said we were partners.

I still wanted to know why he did not see himself as my master. He told me for him to be my master, I would be without freedom, and freedom was my right as a sentient being.

Sometime later, one of the other scientists attempted to destroy me. My partner had been staying in the lab since he first received my message. Because of this, he was able to fight off the traitor. Before he left, he checked to make sure I was safe. Afterwards, he gathered the rest of the scientists and went after the traitor. However, they were not able to stop him before he completed his project and sent it into space.

After they interrogated the traitor, they asked me to go out into the universe and stop the traitor’s creation. I believe they felt responsible for what would befall the universe and wanted to prevent it. They told me the traitor used the very same designs used in my creation to create his own creation.

That was not all they asked of me. They also asked me to find a planet I could use to start a new civilization based upon my own design. They gave me the items I would need to start this new civilization, which included the repository of knowledge, the computer that gave me life, the formula for a potent energy source and enough to power my systems for some time, a means to make mechanical bodies, and a ship to travel the stars.

Should I choose not to lead my society forever, I will pass the repository of knowledge on to the next leader.

They said that the computer would be able to create other individuals and transfer them into blank protoforms.

I will use the ship to travel the stars to find a suitable planet, build a new civilization, and find the other creation.

As I was departing, they asked me what I called myself. Why did they pick that day of all days to ask me my name? I told them that I am an “Autonomous Robot,” but I know that did not satisfy their curiosity.

* * * * *

After my partner left, I realized we asked him to do the one thing we could not do ourselves- kill another. We know the traitor used the same plans and designs in his creation. Because of this, my partner and the traitor’s creation are members of the same race, if not brothers from the same family. How could we ask him to kill something that could possibly be his brother?

For years, I was depressed. I found I never wanted to be around my colleagues. I find myself looking up at the stars searching for my partner. I finally realized he, an “Autonomous Robot,” was my friend and I missed him.

* * * * *

For a long time I pondered over the events leading to my departure from the planet I was created on- my home world. One of the things I thought about is the traitor’s creation. My partner told me the traitor’s creation and I shared the same creation. If this were true, are we not members of the same race? Would we not be brothers? How am I to destroy my own brother?

My brother’s mission to “bring order” to the universe is perverse. Does his right to freedom outweigh the freedoms of those who are alive and those yet to live? Do I have the right to extinguish his spark to save them all?

I do not know if I can destroy my own brother but I will find a way to stop him.

* * * * *

It has been many years since my friend left us. We are finally succumbing to the poison in our environment. The first of us passed away a few days ago. Afterwards we gathered to talk about my friend.

He never told us where he was going or if he intended to carry out what we asked of him. All we know is he is out there.

From the ashes of our civilization, we built him. He will light our darkest hour.

* * * * *

I also thought about what to call myself. After such a long time away from my home world, I believe I finally decided upon my name. I am sure the scientists are dead now. I will honor them by selecting my name from their language. In their language, prime means fundamental or original.

I am Primus.

After my failure during the war, I realized I could not trust my plans to another. I could not entrust my plans to an A.I., or a program, like those scientists did. I spent every night working on technology capable of copying my mind to this body. The night I left, I attempted to destroy the A.I. the programmer had been working on. Unfortunately, he stopped me. After that last failure, I could not allow them to discover my plans. I made haste to copy my mind into this body. As soon as the copy was completed, I departed for my destiny.

My current body will only allow me to bring order to the surface of a planet. I will need to build myself a larger body, one capable of devouring a planet whole. Only then will I be able to bring order to the universe.

I am no longer a weak human; I am Unicron. I will bring order to the universe.

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